Salt Mine Wieliczka extraordinary tourist place

salt mine wieliczkaMost Likely every inhabitant of Poland associate that spot. The tourist come there in crowds from many different lands and continents. Not only a well-known antiquity but also UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 30 years. Most people very likely solve which spot is mentioned here. Certainly, it can’t be nothing but Salt Mine Wieliczka. The manufacture is situated near to one of the most important town in the country – KraKow, in the southern part of the country.

The interesting detail about Wieliczka Salt Mine is that the object placed near a small little town, village under the same name has run in the Middle Ages. Being more precise, Wieliczka Salt Mine is believed to be the oldest area of such type in the world and the oldest firm dating back to the Middle Ages which is further working. Now the mine accumulate both rich tradition and modernness.

Sightseers seeing Wieliczka have occasion to acquaint with the operation of extracting table salt and become acquainted with a big underground infrastructure. Wieliczka Salt Mine is also essential for people who have worked there and their relations.