Gorge of Dunajec is the greatest adventure of Pieniny Mountains.

dunajec river gorgeThe Dunajec River Gorge, known as the jewel of Pieniny Mountains Region, is one of the most attractive spots you need to watch while travelling to Poland. It goes through south of Poland and northern Slovakia. The Dunajec River Gorge makes the base for the Dunajec River which you can raft on. Dunajce gorge creates 7 meanders and is circled by very high limestone and dolomite rocks.

travelling on the wooden kayaks you can notice the unspoiled charm of the Gorge’s nature – rare plants and rare fauna. All these aspects may carry you delight as well as unforgettable thoughts. while this fancy trip, you should also see some other awesome attractions like famous castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn.

Be sure to take your camera as you could take lots of pictures of this magnificent views. Don’t miss your chance to see this amazing area, placed also on UNESCO’s Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in Poland!