Airport of Katowice

pyrzowice airport Katowice Pyrzowice is a regional airport that taking into account numbers of passengers is on the third place in Poland. This airport is situated about 30km from Katowice, near the town called Pyrzowice. 3,6 million passengers per annum are able to use 2 terminals. The inexpensive airlines started cooperation with Pyrzowice in 2003. Since 2003, the radical growth in the amount of connections can be noticed.

It should be also mentioned that Katowice’s airport is the fastest expanding airport in the country and has got the biggest amount of charter flights in Poland. Wizz Air, the Hungarian company, has got the biggest amount of flights to and from Pyrzowice airport. Some local authorities are trying to increase the comfort for the passengers by improving Katowice airport transfers with other cities.

Hopefully the most important improvement is going to be a direct railway between Katowice and Pyrzowice.A twenty four km railway is without any doubts going to be a good solution for the problem of lack of connections in the region.