Go back to the middle times while discovering Saltworks museum in Wieliczka!

wieliczka toursCould you conceive the greatest museum of excavation in Europe? One of them will be found not far away from the Krakowian district in Wieliczka Salt Mine. The museum was established in the middle of XX century what is more it can in the non-operating part of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

viewing the exhibition one surely would notice the complete past times of salt production – the evolution of excavating engineering, manufacture and of the Wieliczka town itself. Currently you may go through two working exhibitions: the subsurface one and the ground floor one.

Number one is situated 135m underground and is the biggest subsurface museum inside the whole Europe. The latter one would see inside medieval Saltworks Castle. This unusual scenery for sure will thrill anyone even the most fussy ones!
Come with us and take a walk along the past with Polish miners in Wieliczka Salt Mine!

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