Introduction to Krakow international airport

transfer from airportThe formal name of the Balice airport is Krakow Airport im. Jana Pawla II. This international airport is located about 11km from the Krakow’s centre. Currently it is administrated by the company named Miadzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Krakow – Balice sp. z o.o.

Taking into account the total number of passengers and flights it’s the second biggest airport in Poland, only behind the one in Warsaw. Polish officials have great hopes for the development of the Krkaow Balice airport. It is not only situated on the very busy communication route in central part of Europe but also about eight mln potential passengers live one hundred km from Balice’s airport. Balice airport is particularly well reachable due to large number of specialized companies offering Krakow airport transfers straight to every hotel in city cnetre.

The airport will obviously improve within forthcoming 20 years. In the past it was estimated that in 2015 Balice will operate with 3,5 million passengers and ten years later approx. 6,5mln. Right now it is obvious that the growth is much faster than it was predicted in the past.