The Black Madonna of Jasna Gora Czestochowa – the marvellous representation.

black madonna of czestochowa The holy icon of the Madonna with immature Jesus Christ on Her breast is the most ordinarily blessed and time-honoured relic among the Polish Catholics and also the members of the conservative Church. Furthermore it is respected as the national emblem of Poles.

The chronicle of the symbol is till now not precisely fully explained and evident but it is speculated to have been created by the Saint Luke on on the top of the table which belonged to the Holy Family. Another fable points on the Pauline monks originating from Hungary who probably imported the picture in 1382 on Jasna Góra.

The sacred relic is worshipped due to possesing some spiritual forces. She secured the Jasna Góra Monastery during the Swedish incursion in the XXVII century what changed the future of the war. People also commonly believe that the Black Madonna of Czestochowa saved the church from getting destroyed by the massive flame attack. This is why The Black Madonna of Czestochowa was royaled the Queen and Guardian of Poland by the King John II Kazimierz Vasa in 1656.