Fly to Krakow

airport transfers krakow Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice are 2 of the most important airports in the country.
To tell the truth only airports in the capital city, and probably Wroclaw and Gdansk, are as important to the Polish economy.

Several huge international airlines use Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice airport. Especially Ryan Air has got an enourmous number of connections between Krakow and other places. Passengers recommend the cheapest flights to and from the United Kingdom as lots of Polish people live there.

Very best-selling are cheap connections especially with Birmingham and Liverpool. Believe me or not, but buying a return ticket from the UK to Balice airport for just 100zl is definitely a occasion. Simultaneously, Krakow’s airport still competes with different airports, especially Katowice. Both airports are well reachable for each travelling person and generally travellers choose private Katowice airport transfers for travelling way.

To sum up, both airports have without any doubts promising chances for the future development. Sooner or later they will become important places on the map for the passengers in this part of Europe. Hence, I believe, Krakow Balice and Katowice Pyrzowice are a good choice for all passengers who are into international and regional flights.